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Use This Raw Energy Shaker to Boost Nutrition at Every Meal

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Hemp hearts, chia seeds, buckwheat groats, and unhulled sesame seeds ?a raw seed mix that will add a power punch of nutrition to your meals. Even better, this healthy treat is added to just about any meal, and can be brought along with you in this handy dandy shaker made out of a mason jar.Raw Energy Shaker Recipe

Chia seeds. Acai. Goji berries. Kale. Blueberries. Hemp.


We?ve heard the term, but what does it all mean?Raw Energy Shaker Recipe - add chia, hemp, buckwheat and sesame to every meal easily

We are told we need to eat superfoods for optimal health, and they are all certainly part of my grocery list each week, but on a daily basis, I like to give my meals an extra little boost of healthy goodness.

By now, many people know that chia seeds are much more than the ?hair? on your chia pet, and that hemp hearts won?t give you the munchies. But do you know why these ingredients are so good for you? They help to ward off disease, give you energy, make you feel full for longer, and can help you lose or maintain weight.

Here is the lowdown.

  • Chia seeds are full of protein, fiber, and omegas that the body can readily use. Just one tablespoon of chia seeds contains 60 calories, 3 grams of protein, 3.5 grams omegas, 5 grams fiber, plus vitamins and minerals.Raw Energy Shaker Recipe - chia seeds


  • Hemp hearts are an easy-to-digest source of complete protein packed with omegas, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.Raw Energy Shaker Recipe - hemp hearts
  • Buckwheat groats effects are due its rich supply of phytonutrients that protect against disease and lower cholesterol. Plus they are another great source of fiber and magnesium.Raw Energy Shaker Recipe - buckwheat groats
  • Unhulled sesame seeds are packed with quality minerals like copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, molybdenum, and selenium.Raw Energy Shaker Recipe - unhulled sesame seeds

This mix of raw seeds is such a convenient way to shake shake shake some healthiness right onto your meals. Add it to salads, soups, stews, curries, sandwiches, cereal, yogurt, desserts and smoothies. You won?t believe how good it tastes and how it adds just the right crunch to many meals. Plus, you will get healthy benefits and stay full longer.Raw Energy Shaker DIY - boost nutrition at every meal!

To make the Raw Energy Shaker:

  • 1/4 cup
  • 1/4 cup
  • 1/4 cup
  • 1/4 cup
  • jug with pour spout
  • 1 mason jar (1 cup / 250 ml)
  • 1

Mix the seeds thoroughly  in a jug with a spout, then pour into the mason jar. Screw on the Ball shaker lid and you are ready to shake up a healthier meal!

Raw Energy Shaker Recipe - adding healthy raw seeds to salads


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Is a sore throat getting you down? Pesky viruses can cause throat inflammation and coughs that last far too long. The good news is that you need to look no further than your backyard herb garden for a natural remedy that works: sage candy.

Sage is the classic medicinal herb used to fight sore throats and gum inflammation, and to treat the inside of the mouth or the throat. It fights the pathogens that cause illness and quickly soothes pain.Sage Candy Recipe - an ancient remedy for the inflammation of sore throats

This comes to us straight from Melanie Wenzel, the author of . Melanie joins us today to share her all-natural recipe for sage candies.

When to Use It: For sore throats.

How to Use It:  If you have a sore throat, suck on a sage candy several times a day.

Shelf Life: The candy will keep for at least 1 year in an airtight container.

You Will Need:

  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  • Mortar and pestle  (optional)
  • Small saucepan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Baking sheet
  • Parchment   paper
  • 10 sprigs fresh sage (or 0.18 oz/5 g dried sage)
  • 3.5 oz granulated  sugar (100g)

TIP: Ricola, the cough drop company,  with similar properties. Look for it at drugstores or online retailers.

How to Make It:

  1. Briefly rinse fresh sage under cold water, then lightly pat dry with paper towels. Pull leaves off seems. Using a sharp knife and a rutting board, chop sage leaves as finely as possible. (If you are using dried sage, don?t rinse it, and  grind it using  a mortar  and pestle.)
  2. In a small saucepan, melt sugar over low heat, stirring constantly with  a wooden spoon. Continue stirring until the sugar is light brown. Stir the sage into the sugar. Be careful: The water contained in the fresh sage leaves will make the mixture sizzle, bubble and spit. Making this candy is, therefore,  not a job for children.
  3. Take the saucepan off the heat. Line a baking sheet with parchment  paper. Using a wooden spoon, drop candy-size  portions of herb  mixture onto the paper. Be careful: The sugar mixture  is hotter than  boiling water! If you don?t  like the shape of the candy, let the drops cool spot 11x11 popup gazebo tent instant with mosquito netting outdoor gazebo canopy shelter with 121 square feet of shade beige_700053 enough  to handle, then,  using your hands, roll them into balls.

More and more people are returning to the centuries-old tradition of herbal medicine. After all, nature offers just as many effective remedies today as it did in times past. These remedies are successful at treating all sorts of illnesses?as well as the unpleasant side effects of modern life, including stress, exhaustion and listlessness. Even scientists have acknowledged that herbal medicine possesses an array of healing powers.

For generations, our ancestors simply used active ingredients directly from nature if they wanted to prevent a disease or treat its symptoms. They dried herbs for tisanes, mixed ointments, made macerations and infusions, or preserved the valuable components of medicinal herbs in other ways. Today, however, most of us rely on manufactured drugs, even though many people would actually prefer to combat ailments using natural remedies. Unfortunately, they no longer know how to make them.

The back-to-nature movement has been able to gain ground not least because today?s consumers are seriously interested in natural, gentle medical treatments. In 2010, a German survey on natural remedies showed that nearly 50% of people are convinced that these remedies work. They trust in nature?s healing powers for a whole host of complaints, but especially for colds, gastric illnesses, insomnia, digestive problems and headaches.

Accordingly, they increasingly use plant-based products to complement other treatments. (The eternal conflict between conventional and natural medicines seems to be resolved at last.) Last, but not least, there is a small bonus: Natural products are often less expensive than ?normal? medicines?and sometimes they even cost nothing at all. And, they are so easy to make at home.

MELANIE WENZEL lives in Germany, where she practices classical homeopathy. She regularly appears as a homeopathic expert on television and radio, where she shares tips on gentle and natural prescriptions to bring relief for minor ailments.

Courtesy of by Melanie Wenzel 2014 ? Reprinted with publisher permission. Available where books are sold.


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