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Investigation Reveals Live Rabbits Used in Illegal Greyhound Training Sessions

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Greyhound racing is a dying industry, and now only exists in a handful of states. More than one hundred dogs that were bred or trained at these live lure facilities are currently racing at commercial racetracks, including thirty-seven greyhounds that are racing in?Arkansas, twenty-five greyhounds that are racing in?West Virginia, and twenty-four dogs that are racing in?Florida. Sometimes referred to as ?blooding? or ?baiting,? this barbaric practice has been discovered around the world, most recently in a 2015 Australian expos? that led to a temporary prohibition on dog racing in?New South Wales.?For?more information, go to??or visit GREY2K USA on??or?. That Constitutional Amendment fully takes effect later this year. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Forty-five greyhounds were observed chasing live rabbits, and were encouraged to rip the animals apart until they were bloodied and dead.91 SHARES During the course of an investigation that spanned nearly a year, greyhound protection group ?documented illegal greyhound training at breeding farms in three states, including at a property that is only two miles from the National Greyhound Association headquarters in?Abilene, Kansas. As many as nine dogs were encouraged to chase, pin and maul their prey to death. It is also a violation of the regulatory code of virtually racing in every state, particularly because race fixing is implicated. As recently as last year, that individual was the Chief of Police for?Keota. The farm is currently owned by a third generation greyhound breeder. Live lure training is a criminal act in these jurisdictions, and is now punishable as a federal crime under the . 91 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you Click to comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. As a non-profit 501(c)4 organization, the group works to pass stronger greyhound protection laws and end the cruelty of dog racing on both national and international levels. In 2018 by an overwhelming vote of 69% to 31%. GREY2K USA also promotes the rescue and adoption of greyhounds across the globe. Five individuals were filmed participating in these illegal acts, including a prominent greyhound breeder and also a?Haskell County?Deputy Sheriff. ?Across the country, greyhound trainers are torturing small animals in a misguided attempt to fix races,? said GREY2K?USA?President and General Counsel?Christine Dorchak. ? On?June 30?and?July 2, 2020, live lure training was filmed at a greyhound breeding farm in?Elgin, Texas. Following this groundbreaking report, US Senator Birch Bayh introduced a bill to make it a federal crime to engage in live lure training.? Live lure training, also known as ?jacking,? typically involves the use of small animals to enhance a prey drive in greyhounds.? The details of the investigation and all relevant footage has been provided to law enforcement officials and racing regulators in?Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas,?West Virginia, Arkansas, Iowa and Florida. About GREY2K?USA?Worldwide Formed in February of 2001, GREY2K?USA?is the largest greyhound protection organization in?the United States?with more than 250,000 supporters. ?These individuals should be prosecuted for this criminal and craven behavior,? said Dorchak. Dozens of dogs were encouraged to chase, pin and maul live rabbits. Young dogs are encouraged to chase, maul, and tear apart live rabbits and other defenseless animals. His proposed amendment to the Animal Welfare Act never became law, however, amid promises by the industry to police itself. The only operational dog track in?Arkansas?has already announced a , leaving only?West Virginia and Iowa?as states where there will soon be active greyhound racetracks. ? On?July 16, 2020, another longtime greyhound breeder was filmed engaging in the training of young greyhounds with live rabbits. At least 151 greyhounds have been bred by her family since 2017. ?They should also have their racing licenses revoked in every state, and their dogs should be disqualified from racing. ?This cruelty has been hidden from the public for decades, and must end. In?the United States, live lure training was first caught on tape in 1978, by reporter?Geraldo Rivera?on the premiere episode of ABC?s 20/20. This may occur on small training tracks or in enclosed coursing fields. . It?s notable that this cruelty occurred at a property that is only two miles from the National Greyhound Association headquarters, and continued even after greyhound breeders and the NGA had become aware of successful investigations of live lure training in two other states. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ? On?March 3?and 4, 2020, a GREY2K?USA?investigator filmed live lure training in?Keota, Oklahoma

Sometimes we even call this town Dogville because everybody seems to have one. Along with herding up songs for each breed, the duo contributed to two songs on the album, ?Berner,? about a Bernese, and an anthem for the album titled, ?Dog By Your Side.? Visit??for more information; the site automatically connects dog lovers to the shelters nearest them. Each shelter received a video PSA featuring their specific pets in need of adoption synched to the song, ?Mutts will Rule the World,? by artist?Steve Rempis: They?re in the shelters and alleyways There?s plenty of us to be found Open your heart and come rescue us There?s no better friend to be found ?Rock and Roll Over? was written, recorded and produced entirely in lockdown with the artists? barking sidekicks nearby. ? ?These artists have all been directly affected by the pandemic in terms of cancelled shows and tours,? said?Norty Cohen, founder of?St. ?The songwriters and musicians just jumped at the chance and I am truly amazed at the quality and passion that they have shown with their work.? ?There?s something in this album for everyone,? Cohen said. ?I told them to be creative and surprise us. Most, if not all, of those involved in this project have dogs or were dog owners at one time. Visitors can donate and download their favorite songs from the website. 145 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you Click to comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.?Among these are more than 20 partnering shelters across the country. ?They asked whose point of view they should write from ? the dogs or their owners?? Cohen said. Approached by Cohen and producer/artist?Steve McWilliams?of The Truehearts in early April on a group Zoom call, the artists were tasked with writing about specific breeds and submitting them for consideration on the album. For example,?Bob Lewis??song, ?That?s My Retriever,? captures the Golden Retriever?s personality in one of the verses: No one could have told me / You?d be by my side I never would have guessed / How much I needed you as a friend ?Thanks to the work of these wonderfully talented artists we are able to help the pets in our care who need and depend on us, but also help support people who are experiencing their own difficulties and challenges due to the current global pandemic,? said?Sarah Javier, executive director of the Animal Protective Association of Missouri.145 SHARES In a shout-out to man?s best friend, 17 Nashville songwriters and artists have banded together to release ?Rock and Roll Over,? a showcase tribute album featuring original songs, one for each major breed. . Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ?Not only are they dog lovers, but these artists are always looking for a chance to contribute to things in a positive way. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The recent Nashville Sessions were co-produced by?Steve McWilliams?and?Debra Buonaccorsi?(The Truehearts) and?Dave Coleman, with contributions from?Bob Lewis,?Mike Younger,?Megan Palmer,?Jason Quicksall,?Jamie Rubin,?David Conrad,?Rebecca Weiner Tompkins,?Meghan Hayes,?Irakli Gabriel,?Anana Kaye,?Steve Rempis,?Mark Robinson, and?Jimmy Catlett. And they did. As animal lovers know in their hearts, pets are friends forever,? Javier said.? ?Everyone brought something special to it ? and each one captures the absolute joy of the breed,? said McWilliams, who together with his partner,?Debra Buonaccorsi, have a house full of dogs, cats and even music about dog breeds.? ?It?s important?to be able to share this project with others, especially during this time when positivity and connection are so needed.? The production was inspired and sponsored by marketing agency Moosylvania, to share the joy and love of dogs and support adoption during this challenging time.? ?We?re highlighting the ones who need adoption by rocking the joy our dogs bring to us every day,? Cohen said. Dog lovers can download their favorite songs for free by donating to the animal shelter nearest them.??Megan Palmer?and?Jason Quicksall?made sure they included Cohen?s own dog, a three-year-old Doodle named Doc, on their song, ?He?s a Poodle?: He?s a poodle and he?s oodles of fun He would doodle if he had any thumbs ?This project quickly took on a life of its own,? McWilliams said. Louis-based Moosylvania, ?And this project gave them the opportunity to showcase their creativity while helping shelters raise money nationwide

Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Most amazingly, the dogs did it with a 94% success rate. While the study is still in its infancy, researchers hope that specially trained dogs could be employed in public areas such as airports, sporting events, at borders or other public gatherings to help prevent further spread of the virus. (TiHo), in cooperation with Germany?s armed forces, the Hannover Medical School and the University Medical-Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf sought to determine if dogs could be used in the fight to end the global coronavirus pandemic. After only a week of training, 8 dogs from Germany?s armed forces were able to accurately identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that causes an infected individual to develop COVID-19, in the saliva of over 1,000 people. Now, dogs trained to sniff out patients infected with COVID-19 are proving to be more accurate than nasal swabs and saliva tests. The next step in the dogs? training will be teaching them to differentiate between COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.361 SHARES From seizure and pregnancy detection, to sniffing out cancer, changes in blood sugar, or alerting to dangerous bacteria in hospitals, medically trained dogs are already making important contributions to the public?s health and safety every day. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. . Prior research into the reliability of scent detection dogs found that properly trained dogs could detect the odor of malaria infection with a level of accuracy ?above the World Health Organization standards for a diagnostic,? making them a very fast, efficient, and non-invasive test, freeing up resources and extensive testing for people already showing illness symptoms. Related:? 361 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you Click to comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published

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